Appointments with David Ip

For help, call 306-790-9378. Phone/tablet may show only half of each day. To see all openings on a phone/tablet, click "Show Desktop" at bottom of screen.

  1. If you registered for online booking, click 'Sign In' (desktop/laptop top right; mobile/tablet bottom). If you did not register, you will be asked to at Step 6.
  2. New patients may register here but must be scheduled by Clinic; email or phone 306-790-9378.
  3. Click "Day", "Week", or "Month" for available schedule. 
  4. Please book according to Start time category (:00 or :30).
  5. Only one column is visible at a time on smartphone screens.
  6. Click an empty time slot. White: available. Light or dark blue: already booked. Pink: not available. Yellow: less than 3 hours to appointment - please phone. Left column starts on the hour :00; right column on the half-hour :30.
  7. Enter phone number(s).
  8. Select service. 
  9. To review your upcoming appointments, click "Agenda" below.